Technical Program and Meetings

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- A1-A5: AP-S Tracks
UA-UK: URSI Commissions
SP: Joint Special Sessions
. 1-5 A: Morning
P: Afternoon
Sample MO - A5 . 2 A
Monday - AP-S Track 5 . 2nd Session AM (Morning)
Sunday, July 5
08:00 - 18:30
08:00 - 17:00
Short Course: FD-1: Antennas for 5G and Beyond– System aspects, design and verification
08:00 - 12:00
Short Course: SC-1: THz technology and instrumentation
Short Course: SC-2: Stand on the Antennas & Propagation Standards
Short Course: SC-3: Antenna-in-Package Technology and Applications
Short Course: SC-4: Integrating Electromagnetics and Communications: Teory and Practice Through Massive MIMO, 5G, Reconfigurable Surfaces and Beyond
Short Course: SC-5: Passive and Active Wearable Small Antennas
Short Course: SC-6: Recent Progress in Beam-Steering, Null Field-Forming, and Tilted Beam-Forming with Natural and Metamaterial Antennas
13:00 - 17:00
Short Course: SC-7: Multibeam Antennas and Beamforming Networks
Short Course: SC-8: Small Antennas for Wireless Communication 5G, IOT and Medical Systems
Short Course: SC-9: Gap waveguides for mmWave antenna systems and RF system Integration
Short Course: SC-10: Antenna Design and Optimization Using Machine Learning
Short Course: SC-11: Surface Electromagnetics in Antenna Engineering: From EBG to Meta-surfaces and Beyond
Monday, July 6
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: MO-SP.1A: Artificial Intelligence Applications in Electromagnetics Laurier
Special Session: MO-SP.2A: Cybersecurity and Broadband-Multiband Electromagnetic Systems — for Privacy-Protection and High-Performance in Wireless 5G and Others Centre-Ville
MO-A1.1A: Reconfigurable antenna arrays Viger
MO-A5.1A: Millimeter-Wave Antennas Agora
MO-A5.2A: Wireless Power Transfer and Harvesting I Duluth
MO-A2.1A: Novel Applications of Metasurfaces I Van Horne
MO-A2.2A: Frequency-Selective Surfaces I St. Paul
MO-A1.2A: Reflector and Reflectarray Antennas I Diese
MO-A5.3A: Biomedical Applications I Crescent
MO-A1.3A: Broadband Antennas I McGill
MO-UD.1A: RF and Microwave Applications: Biomedical and Power Transfer Notre Dame
MO-A4.1A: Propagation and Scattering in Complex Media Sherbrooke
MO-A3.1A: Fast Methods Ste. Catherine
08:00 - 09:40
MO-UB.1A: Wireless System Performance Mansfield
MO-A4.2A: Propagation modeling St. Denis
10:00 - 11:40
MO-UC.1A: Spectrum Sharing and Interference Mansfield
MO-A4.3A: Experimental characterization of propagation effects St. Denis
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: MO-SP.1P: Advanced Antenna Systems for Next Generation of Wireless Communications- Challenges and Advancements Laurier
Special Session: MO-SP.2P: Mathematical Methods for Array Processing and its Applications Centre-Ville
MO-A3.1P: Artificial Intelligence for Antennas and Propagation Viger
MO-A5.1P: Millimeter-Wave Beamforming Networks Agora
MO-A2.1P: Novel Applications of Metasurfaces II Van Horne
MO-A2.2P: Frequency-Selective Surfaces II St. Paul
MO-A1.1P: Reflector and Reflectarray Antennas II Diese
MO-A5.3P: Biomedical Applications II Crescent
MO-A1.2P: Broadband Antennas II McGill
MO-A1.3P: Antennas and Matching Networks Mansfield
MO-A1.4P: Flexible, Stretchable, and Wearable Antennas Notre Dame
MO-A4.1P: Propagation and interference in mobile communications Sherbrooke
MO-A3.2P: High-frequency and Asymptotic Methods Ste. Catherine
13:20 - 15:00
MO-A5.2P: Wireless Power Transfer and Harvesting II Duluth
MO-A4.2P: Mobile communications: propagation models and novel systems St. Denis
15:20 - 17:00
MO-UB.1P: Antenna Analysis, Synthesis and Measurement Duluth
MO-A4.3P: RCS modeling St. Denis
Tuesday, July 7
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: TU-SP.1A: Beam-Steerable Antenna Systems for Mobile Satellite Communication Terminals Laurier
Special Session: TU-SP.2A: Advances in RF Measurement Technology for 5G and mmWave Centre-Ville
TU-UA.1A: Advanced Antenna Designs Viger
TU-A1.1A: Leaky Wave Antennas I Agora
TU-UD.1A: Antennas, Arrays, and Lenses Duluth
TU-A1.2A: Electrically Small Antennas I St. Paul
TU-A1.3A: Reflector and Reflectarray Antennas III Diese
TU-A1.4A: Broadband Microstrip Antennas McGill
TU-A1.5A: Antenna coupling and isolation methodology Mansfield
TU-UD.2A: Passive Components, Additive Manufacturing, and Artificial Materials Notre Dame
TU-A3.1A: Integral Equation Methods I Sherbrooke
TU-A5.2A: Vehicular Antennas and Electromagnetics Ste. Catherine
08:00 - 09:40
TU-A2.1A: Novel Artificial Materials and Metastructures Van Horne
TU-A5.1A: Biomedical Applications III Crescent
TU-UD.3A: Radar and Sensing St. Denis
10:00 - 11:40
TU-A2.2A: Nano-electromagnetics Van Horne
TU-UC.1A: Biological Sensing Crescent
TU-A4.1A: RCS Characterization St. Denis
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: TU-SP.1P: Low Frequency Antennas for Tactical Communications and Networking Laurier
Special Session: TU-SP.2P: Reconfigurable Antennas for Compact Devices Centre-Ville
TU-A1.1P: Phased-array Antennas Viger
TU-A1.3P: Antennas for Satellite Communication and Imaging Systems Duluth
TU-A2.1P: Frequency Selective Surfaces and Metastructures Van Horne
TU-A1.4P: Electrically Small Antennas II St. Paul
TU-A1.7P: Ultra-wideband Antennas McGill
TU-A1.9P: Microstrip Antenna Arrays for Multibeam and Scanning Notre Dame
TU-A3.1P: Integral Equation Methods II Sherbrooke
13:20 - 15:00
TU-A1.2P: Leaky Wave Antennas II Agora
TU-A1.5P: Dual and Broadband Reflectarray Antennas Diese
TU-A4.1P: Imaging for biomedical applications Crescent
TU-UJ.1P: Radio Transients Instruments Mansfield
TU-A4.2P: Synthetic Aperture Imaging Techniques Ste. Catherine
TU-UF.1P: Machine Learning in Remote Sensing St. Denis
15:20 - 17:00
TU-UB.1P: Microstrip Antennas and Printed Devices Agora
TU-A1.6P: Reflector Antennas Diese
TU-UB.2P: MIMO Antennas and Systems Crescent
TU-A1.8P: Compact Antennas Mansfield
TU-A4.3P: Surface and sub-surface imaging Ste. Catherine
TU-A4.4P: Scattering Reduction St. Denis
16:00 - 18:00
TUP-A1.1P: Antenna Feeding and Impedance Matching Conference Foyer
TUP-A1.2P: Enhanced Antenna Radiation Characteristics Conference Foyer
TUP-A1.3P: Multi-band Antennas I Conference Foyer
TUP-A1.4P: Multi-band antennas II Conference Foyer
TUP-A1.5P: Mutual Coupling Reduction in Antenna Arrays I Conference Foyer
TUP-A1.6P: Mutual Coupling Reduction in Antenna Arrays II Conference Foyer
TUP-A2.1P: Electromagnetics Education Conference Foyer
TUP-UB.1P: Guided Waves and Waveguiding Structures Conference Foyer
Wednesday, July 8
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: WE-SP.1A: Design and Analysis of Time-Varying Electromagnetic Systems Laurier
Special Session: WE-SP.2A: Emerging Technologies for Biomedical Applications Centre-Ville
WE-A1.1A: Antenna Arrays and Applications I Viger
WE-A1.2A: Reconfigurable Antennas and Beam Scanning Agora
WE-A1.3A: Millimeter Wave Antennas for 5G Applications Duluth
WE-A2.1A: Metasurface and Metamaterial Structures Van Horne
WE-A1.4A: Dielectric Resonator Antennas I St. Paul
WE-A4.1A: Inverse Problems Diese
WE-A5.1A: RFID Antennas and Systems I McGill
WE-A1.5A: Small Antennas and Circuit Components Mansfield
WE-A1.6A: Slotted Antennas and Applications Notre Dame
WE-UB.3A: Frequency Domain Methods Sherbrooke
WE-A4.2A: Remote Sensing Ste. Catherine
WE-A1.7A: Adaptive, active, and smart antennas St. Denis
08:00 - 09:40
WE-UB.1A: Advanced Manufactured Structures Crescent
10:00 - 12:00
WEP-A3.1A: FDTD Methods Conference Foyer
WEP-A3.2A: FEM Methods Conference Foyer
WEP-A5.1A: Software Defined Radio Antennas and Systems Conference Foyer
WEP-UB.1A: Metamaterials I Conference Foyer
WEP-UB.2A: Metamaterials II Conference Foyer
WEP-UB.3A: Guided Wave and High Frequency Techniques Conference Foyer
WEP-UB.4A: Integral-Equation Formulations, Bases, and Integration Techniques Conference Foyer
WEP-UB.5A: Integral-Equation Methods Conference Foyer
WEP-UB.6A: Time-Domain Methods Conference Foyer
10:00 - 11:40
WE-UB.2A: Special Topics in Antenna Matching Crescent
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: WE-SP.1P: Emerging Active and Passive Metasurfaces for 5G, Beyond 5G, and 6G Laurier
Special Session: WE-SP.2P: Electromagnetics in MIMO Antenna Design and Channel Modelling Centre-Ville
WE-A1.1P: Antenna Arrays and Applications II Viger
WE-A1.2P: Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays Agora
WE-UB.1P: Millimeter Wave and THz Antennas Duluth
WE-A2.1P: Time-Varying and Active Metasurfaces Van Horne
WE-A4.1P: Radar Techniques and Applications Diese
WE-A5.2P: RFID Antennas and Systems II McGill
WE-A1.5P: Low-profile Broadband Antennas Mansfield
WE-A1.6P: Waveguide and Slot Antenna Arrays Notre Dame
WE-A3.1P: Transient Simulation Techniques and Time Domain Methods Sherbrooke
WE-UC.1P: Radiocommunication Systems and Signal Processing St. Denis
13:20 - 15:00
WE-A1.3P: Dielectric Resonator Antennas II St. Paul
WE-A5.1P: Ultra-Wideband Systems Crescent
WE-UF.1P: Remote Sensing and Channel Estimation from Airborne Platforms Ste. Catherine
15:20 - 17:00
WE-A2.2P: Antennas Based on Frequency-Selective Surfaces St. Paul
WE-A1.4P: Broadband Antennas for 5G Applications Crescent
WE-UF.2P: Subsurface Remote Sensing Ste. Catherine
Thursday, July 9
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: TH-SP.1A: Memorial Session for Mojgan Daneshmand and Pedram Mousavi Laurier
TH-A5.1A: MIMO Implementations and Applications I Viger
TH-A1.1A: Reconfigurable antennas I Agora
TH-A5.2A: 3D Printed Antennas and Structures I Duluth
TH-A2.1A: Antennas based on lenses and metamaterials Van Horne
TH-A2.2A: Characterization, Design, and Analysis of Metasurfaces St. Paul
TH-A5.3A: Antennas and Arrays for 5G Applications Diese
TH-A1.2A: Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetics I Crescent
TH-UB.1A: Antenna Design I McGill
TH-A5.4A: Antennas and Arrays for Diverse Applications Mansfield
TH-A1.3A: Slotted and Waveguide Antennas Notre Dame
TH-A5.5A: Sensor Antennas, Techniques, and Applications Sherbrooke
TH-UB.2A: Imaging, Inverse Scattering, and Remote Sensing St. Denis
08:00 - 09:40
TH-UB.2P: Nanoscale Electromagnetic Modeling Ste. Catherine
10:00 - 11:40
TH-UD.1A: Reconfigurable Circuits and Adaptive Matching Ste. Catherine
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: TH-SP.1P: 5G and Beyond Handsets: Latest Developments and the Future Laurier
TH-A5.1P: MIMO Implementations and Applications II Viger
TH-A1.1P: Reconfigurable antennas II Agora
TH-A5.2P: 3D Printed Antennas and Structures II Duluth
TH-A2.1P: Advanced Metasurfaces and Applications Van Horne
TH-A5.3P: Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting St. Paul
TH-A1.2P: Array Synthesis and Beamforming Diese
TH-A1.3P: Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetics II Crescent
TH-UB.1P: Antenna Design II McGill
TH-UA.1P: Measurements of Material Properties Notre Dame
TH-UC.1P: Radiofrequency Sensing Ste. Catherine
TH-A1.4P: Circularly Polarized Antennas St. Denis
13:20 - 15:00
Special Session: TH-SP.2P: Quantum Technologies Related to Electromagnetics Centre-Ville
TH-UF.1A: Remote Sensing in Complex and Random Media Mansfield
TH-UJ.1P: New Instruments and Technologies Sherbrooke
15:20 - 17:00
Special Session: TH-SP.3P: Design, Development, Measurements and Related Standards of Complex Antenna Systems Centre-Ville
TH-UB.3P: Optimization, Nanoscale and Nonlinear Electromagnetics Mansfield
TH-UJ.2P: New Low Frequency Instruments Sherbrooke
16:00 - 18:00
THP-A3.1P: Computational Electromagnetics I Conference Foyer
THP-A3.2P: Computational Electromagnetics II Conference Foyer
THP-A3.3P: Hybrid Methods II Conference Foyer
THP-A3.4P: Optimization Methods in EM Designs I Conference Foyer
THP-A3.5P: Optimization Methods in EM Designs II Conference Foyer
THP-UB.1P: Efficient Computational Methods Conference Foyer
THP-UB.2P: Hybrid Methods I Conference Foyer
Friday, July 10
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: FR-SP.1A: Extending the Boundaries of Characteristic Mode Design and Analysis Laurier
Special Session: FR-SP.2A: Technical Development Towards the Next Generation Very Large Array Centre-Ville
FR-A5.1A: Sub-mm-Wave, Terahertz, and Optical Antennas Viger
FR-A1.1A: Design and Analysis of Antenna Arrays Agora
FR-A2.1A: Applications of Metasurfaces and Metamaterials I Van Horne
FR-A4.1A: RCS Reduction and Cloaking St. Paul
FR-UF.1A: Characterization of Wireless Channels Diese
FR-UK.1A: Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Applications and Imaging Crescent
FR-UB.1A: Antenna Design III McGill
FR-A1.2A: Microstrip Antenna Analysis, Design, and Circuit Models I Mansfield
FR-A2.2A: Electromagnetic Measurements and Material Characterization I Notre Dame
FR-UB.2A: Topics in Sensing Techniques and Networks Sherbrooke
FR-UB.3A: Antennas and Propagation Aspects Ste. Catherine
08:00 - 09:40
FR-A5.2A: 3D Printed Antennas and Structures III Duluth
FR-A1.3A: Quasi optics and Lens Antennas St. Denis
10:00 - 11:40
FR-A5.3A: On-Chip Antennas Duluth
FR-UD.1A: THz and Photonics Devices St. Denis
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: FR-SP.1P: Foldable and Physically Reconfigurable Origami Antennas Laurier
Special Session: FR-SP.2P: GNSS antennas, antenna systems and applications Centre-Ville
FR-A1.1P: Antenna Arrays Synthesis and Analysis Agora
FR-A2.1P: Applications of Metasurfaces and Metamaterials II Van Horne
FR-A2.2P: Metasurfaces and Absorbers St. Paul
FR-A4.2P: Propagation models and measurements for millimeter waves and 5G applications Diese
FR-AK.1P: Human Body Interactions with Antennas and Other EM Devices Crescent
FR-A2.3P: Electromagnetic Theory McGill
FR-A1.2P: Microstrip Antenna Analysis, Design, and Circuit Models II Mansfield
FR-A2.4P: Electromagnetic Measurements and Material Characterization II Notre Dame
FR-A1.3P: Printed Antenna Structures with Different Challenges and Circuit Components Sherbrooke
FR-UF.1P: Atmospheric Effects on Propagation Ste. Catherine
13:20 - 15:00
FR-UJ.1P: Next Generation VLA Viger
FR-A5.1P: Mobile and PCS Antennas Duluth
FR-UB.1P: Fundamental Aspects in Electromagnetics St. Denis
15:20 - 17:00
FR-UH.1P: Topics in Space Weather and Plasmas Viger
FR-A4.1P: Novel wireless systems Duluth
FR-UB.2P: Electromagnetic Interaction St. Denis