Organizing Committee

General Chair
General Co-Chairs
David G. Michelson
Yahia M. M. Antar
Finance Chair
David G. Michelson
Technical Program Chairs
George V. Eleftheriades
Ashwin K. Iyer
Marco Antoniades
Yahia M. M. Antar
URSI/AP Liaison
Ross Stone
Special Sessions Chairs
Derek McNamara
Student Paper Competition Chair
Michael Newkirk
Student Design Contest Chair
Short Courses and Workshops
Tayeb Denidni
Young Professionals
Local Arrangements and Technical Tours
Jean-Jacques Laurin
David G. Michelson
Publicity Chairs
Abdelrazek Sebak
Mohammad S. Sharawi
Sponsors and Exhibits
George Shaker
Daniel Janse Van Rensburg
Susan Stone
Joanne Wilton
Women in Engineering
Natalia K. Nikolova
Francesca Vipiana
International Advisory Committee
Zhizhang (David) Chen (Chair)
Yang Hao
H. Nakano
Ludger Klinkenbusch
Maria Pour
Satish Sharma
Luk Kwai Man
Stefano Maci
Raed Shubair
Karu Esselle
Richard Ziolkowski
Yejun He