AP-S Paper Topics

* indicates that this line can be assigned as a paper's topic.


AP-S General Topics

  AP-S.1.1*:Antenna theory
  AP-S.1.2*:Antenna feeds and matching circuits
  AP-S.1.3*:Mutual coupling in antenna arrays
  AP-S.1.4*:Dielectric resonator antennas
  AP-S.1.5*:Microstrip antennas, arrays, and circuits
  AP-S.1.6*:Slotted and guided wave antennas
  AP-S.1.7*:Phased-array antennas
  AP-S.1.8*:Reflector and reflectarray antennas
  AP-S.1.9*:Electrically small antennas
  AP-S.1.10*:Broadband/ultra-wideband antennas
  AP-S.1.11*:Multi-band antennas
  AP-S.1.12*:Adaptive, active, and smart antennas
  AP-S.1.13*:Reconfigurable antennas and arrays
AP-S.2:Electromagnetics & Materials
  AP-S.2.14*:Electromagnetic theory
  AP-S.2.15*:Electromagnetic material properties and measurements
  AP-S.2.16*:Frequency-selective surfaces
  AP-S.2.17*:Electromagnetic bandgap materials
  AP-S.2.18*:Metamaterials and metasurfaces
  AP-S.2.20*:Electromagnetic education
AP-S.3:Computational & Numerical Techniques
  AP-S.3.21*:Computational electromagnetics
  AP-S.3.22*:High-frequency and asymptotic methods
  AP-S.3.23*:Integral-equation methods
  AP-S.3.24*:FDTD methods
  AP-S.3.25*:FEM methods
  AP-S.3.26*:Hybrid methods
  AP-S.3.27*:Techniques for transient simulations
  AP-S.3.28*:Optimization methods in EM designs
  AP-S.3.29*:Parallel and special-processor-based numerical methods
AP-S.4:Propagation & Scattering
  AP-S.4.30*:Indoor, urban, terrestrial, and ionospheric propagation
  AP-S.4.31*:Propagation and scattering in random or complex media
  AP-S.4.32*:Scattering, diffraction, and RCS
  AP-S.4.33*:Inverse scattering and imaging
  AP-S.4.34*:Remote sensing
AP-S.5:Antenna Applications & Emerging Technologies
  AP-S.5.35*:Biomedical applications
  AP-S.5.36*:MIMO implementations and applications
  AP-S.5.37*:Mobile and PCS antennas
  AP-S.5.38*:RFID antennas and systems
  AP-S.5.39*:Ultra-wideband systems
  AP-S.5.40*:Vehicular antennas and electromagnetics
  AP-S.5.41*:Software-defined/cognitive radio
  AP-S.5.42*:On-chip antennas
  AP-S.5.43*:Wireless power transmission and harvesting
  AP-S.5.44*:3D printed antennas and structures
  AP-S.5.45*:Millimeter-wave, sub-mm-wave, terahertz, optical antennas
  AP-S.5.46*:Time-varying and non-reciprocal antennas

Special Sessions (AP-S)

S-A.1*:Beam-Steerable Antenna Systems with High Gains for Mobile Satellite Terminals
S-A.2*:Quantum Technologies Related to Electromagnetics
S-A.3*:Emerging Technologies for Biomedical Applications
S-A.4*:Reconfigurable Antennas for Compact Devices
S-A.5*:Advanced Antenna Systems for Next Generation of Wireless Communications - Challenges and Advancements Toward Beyond -5G and 6G
S-A.6*:Design and Analysis of Time-Varying Electromagnetic Systems
S-A.7*:Advances in RF Measurement Technology for 5G and mmWave
S-A.8*:Technical Development Towards a Next Generation Very Large Array
S-A.9*:Waves in Random Media – A Tribute to V.I. Tatarskii
S-A.10*:Emerging Active and Passive Metasurfaces for 5G, Beyond 5G, and 6G
S-A.11*:5G and Beyond Handsets: Latest Developments and the Future
S-A.12*:Design, Development, Measurements and Related Standards of Complex Antenna Systems
S-A.13*:Mathematical Methods for Array Processing and its Applications
S-A.14*:Artificial Intelligence Applications in Electromagnetics
S-A.15*:Low Frequency Antennas for Tactical Communications and Networking
S-A.16*:Cybersecurity and Broadband-Multiband Electromagnetic Systems — for Privacy-Protection and High-Performance in Wireless 5G and Others
S-A.17*:GNSS antennas and antenna systems for RF challenged environment
S-A.18*:Unifying Electromagnetics and Communication Theory for Future Wireless Networks: MIMO Antenna Design and Channel Modelling
S-A.19*:Foldable and Physically Reconfigurable Origami Antennas
S-A.20*:Extending the Boundaries of Characteristic Mode Design and Analysis
S-A.21*:Memorial Session for Mojgan Daneshmand and Pedram Mousavi